Great motorcycle rides – Puyallup Washington to Cumberland Washington

If you are looking for a good way to spend a couple of hours on a sunny afternoon, I may have the ride for you… why not hit the road from Puyallup to Cumberland.

Heading out

To begin this short 40 mile ride, head east on Meridian (also known as purgatory!!) towards Graham. Fear not, once you get just outside of Puyallup the traffic let’s up and you feel less like you are suffering some drastic punishment and more like you are headed out to enjoy the wind in your face on a great motorcycle ride. When you get to Howe Road (200th St. E.), you will take a left and begin your journey out to some of the less populated areas.

Washington Soldiers Home

After just a couple miles you will be veering off to the left to continue on the Orting Kapowsin Hwy. As you begin to head down the hill the Old Soldiers Home will be on the left. If you are interested, you should stop and walk around this old graveyard. There are some headstones with birthdates dating back to 1846. The majority of this those buried here fought in the Spanish American war but, there are also many women and children that found this to be their final resting place.



When you have finished walking through the cemetery reading the grave markers it is time to head into Orting. Orting is one of the oldest cities in the state. Located in the foothills of Mt. Rainer right in between the Carbon and Puyallup Rivers. As you are headed through, be sure to enjoy the turn of the century architecture of downtown.  If you’re hungry, there are more than 15 restaurants to choose from!

When you reach Harman way, hang a right and follow it out of town. The road is going to change names a few times, but just keep following it through the beautiful scenery past Ski Park Lake and into another history filled town, South Prairie.

Just outside of town you will be taking a left onto state highway 165. You will continue to follow this through the quiet roads and lush prairie lands into the town of Buckley.


The 165 will come to an end at Highway 410, take a right and you just entered the quaint little town of Buckley. Shortly after you turn on to the 410, the Buckley Veterans Memorial will be on your right. While it is not a large, fancy memorial, it is worth stopping at to remember the sacrifices that so many have made for us to enjoy this great country that we live in.

Just a few more blocks up the 410 is Wally’s Drive In. If you are in the mood for a delicious burger or an amazing milkshake, this is the place to stop. Wally’s has a 50’s diner vibe with excellent service and good value.




Heading through Enumclaw

Now that you have satisfied the need for the burger or milkshake, it’s time to get back on the road. As you continue up Highway 410 you will be crossing over the White River and heading through Enumclaw. As you near the end of town, you will be turning left onto Farman Street. This is a long straight road through wide open farmlands so you can just cruise and enjoy the peacefulness of it all. After a few miles of beautiful riding, you will arrive in Cumberland.

Once you have made this ride, you have to stop at the City Hall Saloon and Eatery. This is a total biker bar. They still have live music on certain days and the decor is subject matter all its own.



Enjoy the ride

So now that you know about this great little ride, go fire up that bike and hit the road, but be sure to take in the beauty and history along the way. Once you get to Cumberland, grab a beer and enjoy the atmosphere of this “small drinking town with a large biker problem” before you head out.

Have you done this ride? Do you have a ride suggestion? I would love to hear from you, please leave a comment below.

Be safe and keep the shiny side up!




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I am a Husband, a father, and a grandfather. I have been married to my beautiful bride for 30 years, yet it only feels like 4 minutes...under water...Just kidding! I have three sons, one grandson, and one grand daughter (finally a girl!) My love for motorcycles happened very early in life and has not stopped. I transitioned from dual sport motorcycles (we called them enduros way back when) to sport bikes, and finally to crusiers. The wife and I own a few different bikes (we have been told we have an addiction!) and we ride them all. I intend to ride until the day I drop (unless the good Lord has different plans for me), and wanted to share some of my experiences with the rest of the world. Be safe and keep the shiny side up!

2 thoughts on “Great motorcycle rides – Puyallup Washington to Cumberland Washington

  • June 1, 2018 at 9:19 am

    Seems like an amazing ride to do, the pictures you posted are beautiful, especially that mountain in the background. Thanks for sharing this Daniel, I would love to go there if I ever go to the US in the future.

    • June 1, 2018 at 11:20 am

      If you ever get here, there are so many beautiful places to see.


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